The Creation Story

c. 10,000 PI

The First Elves

In a time beyond thought, the Great Mother and Great Father descended upon the untamed void. Joining together and speaking a language long since lost, they created all the plants and animals that now populate this world. The Great Pair lingered for a while, admiring their handiwork, before the first signs of doubt crept into their minds. The Father loved and admired all of Their creation, but he couldn’t help but feel that there was something missing in this otherwise perfect world. Inspiration struck Him as he was wandering around the many trees in his favorite stretch of forest, stopping at a lone rowan in a clearing.
He worked for days, shaping and working the living wood until finally, some ninety-nine days later, he declared himself finished and breathed life into the first female elf. The Great Mother, sensing this new life, made her way to the Great Father and was immediately awestruck at the elf, who had been formed and shaped in her likeness.
So great was her love for him, and spurred into action by this beautiful creation, she searched persistently for three days. Finally, on midnight of that third day, did she find what she was looking for: a majestic oak, standing proud and taller than any other tree in the forest for miles. She also took to action, shaping and working the living wood for one hundred forty-four days, until finally the unyielding oak gave way to the image in her mind, and with a breath of life the first male elf was created.

A Meeting

For a while after the two elves were created, they explored the lush environment surrounding them, communing with the plants and animals around them and learning the names of all things. These words came with relative ease to the elves, as with the breath of life, the Great Pair had bestowed upon them the gift of knowledge and the understanding of all words.
However, several days later when the two finally came in contact with each other, a word bloomed inside them that they were unfamiliar with. This word drove the two together, protecting each other from the storms that would pass through the newly formed atmosphere. During one of these storms, the elves found shelter in a cave, and so strong was the fire that that word kindled in them, that they laid with each other and fell into a deeply intimate embrace.


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